What Is WOWGR?

WOWGR stands for Warehouse keepers and Owners of Warehoused Goods Regulations, and typically relates to the management, operation, and oversight of warehouses where goods are stored. These regulations often cover aspects such as:

Licensing and Registration

Requirements for warehouse operators to obtain proper licenses or registrations to operate a warehouse legally.


Regulations may specify the types of records that warehouse keepers must maintain, including details about the goods stored, their owners, and any movements in or out of the warehouse.

Security and Safety

Regulations may outline security measures to protect the goods stored in warehouses, as well as safety standards for both employees and stored items.

Liabilities and Responsibilities

Guidelines regarding the responsibilities and liabilities of warehouse keepers and owners of goods in case of loss, damage, or other incidents.

Customs and Duties

If the warehouse deals with imported or exported goods, there might be regulations related to customs procedures and duties.

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