Express Customs Clearance

30 minute Express Customs Clearance Service

If you require an urgent clearance, PJ Shipping can facilitate a fast, 30-minute express customs clearance service.

Our Express Customs Clearance process helps to speed up the clearance of goods through customs, reducing the waiting time and simplifying the procedures necessary for importing or exporting goods.

You might need an express customs clearance service for several reasons, all of which typically revolve around the need for speed and efficiency in moving goods across international borders.

Here are some of the primary situations or needs that might lead you to opt for an express customs clearance service:


Perishable Goods: If you’re shipping goods that have a limited shelf life, such as flowers, or certain pharmaceuticals, express customs clearance can help ensure they arrive while still fresh and usable.

Please note, that from the 31st January 2024, the document waiver code 999L has been withdrawn for all import declarations.

It is now mandatory to confirm the individual status for each control measure and the accompanying licence that could apply, on a per commodity code/item basis.

For all plants and plant products classed as medium or high risk will now require a Phytosanitary Certificate (PC) and a notification to the IPAFFS system.

Urgent Medical Supplies: Equipment, samples, or medicines needed urgently for medical reasons can’t afford delays in customs. Express services facilitate their quick delivery to where they’re critically needed.

Event-Based Merchandise: Goods meant for specific events, like concerts, sports events, or conferences, often have a non-negotiable delivery window, making express clearance a necessity.

This Express Customs Clearance service is critical for businesses operating in a global market where delivery speed can be a competitive advantage or when the nature of the goods demands rapid handling.

However, it’s important to note that while express clearance can significantly reduce customs-related delays, the goods still need to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and requirements of the importing country, including safety, health, and environmental standards.

This service is available within our normal business hours and subject to Terms and Conditions*.

Please email your request to

Terms and Conditions

*The Express Customs Clearance service is subject to the completion of full clearance instructions, and relevant information/documentation to enable the completion of customs entry. This service is limited to a number of commodity codes/tariff lines, which your Broker can advise on.
Please note, that clearances are also still subject to Customs Documentary checks. Customs documentary checks are a crucial part of the customs clearance process, involving the examination and verification of documents related to the shipment of goods across international borders.
These checks are performed by customs authorities to ensure that all imported or exported goods comply with the country’s laws and regulations, including those related to taxation, safety, health, and the environment.
The primary purposes of documentary checks are to ascertain the correct classification and valuation of goods for tariff purposes, to confirm compliance with import/export licensing requirements, and to enforce any trade sanctions or embargoes.
Whilst these checks are vital for compliance and security, they can also lead to delays in the customs clearance process if the documents are incomplete, inaccurate, or not properly submitted. Any delays in the Express Customs Clearance service with regards to Customs Documentary checks are unfortunately out of our control.
To minimise potential delays, shippers must ensure all documentation is correct and fully compliant with the requirements of the destination country.
Using a customs broker, such as PJ Shipping can help streamline this process, reducing the likelihood of errors and speeding up the overall customs clearance time.


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