What is an EORI Number?

An EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number is a unique identifier assigned to economic operators engaged in international trade. It is used by customs authorities and other government agencies to track and monitor shipments entering or leaving a customs territory.

It helps streamline customs procedures and ensures that businesses are properly registered for trading activities.

Key points about EORI numbers include:


Each EORI number is unique to a specific economic operator or business entity. It is used as a common reference number in interactions with customs authorities and other relevant government agencies.

International Trade

The EORI number is particularly important for businesses involved in cross-border trade. It is used to identify and track shipments, enabling customs authorities to associate goods with specific traders.

Customs Declaration

When businesses engage in import or export activities, they are typically required to include their EORI number on customs declarations and other relevant documents. This ensures that the customs authorities can identify and process the shipments correctly.

EU EORI Number

In the context of the European Union (EU), the EORI number is a legal requirement for businesses engaged in customs activities. It is used for trade within the EU member states and interactions with customs authorities. Both EU and non-EU businesses may need one when trading with EU countries.

Registration Process

Businesses need to apply for one through the customs authorities of the relevant country or economic bloc. The registration process typically involves providing information about the business, its activities, and its trading partners.


The responsibility for obtaining and using an EORI number lies with the economic operator engaged in international trade. This can include importers, exporters, customs agents, and other entities involved in the supply chain.

Facilitation of Customs Procedures

The use of EORI numbers facilitates customs procedures by providing a consistent and unique identifier for economic operators. It helps ensure that customs processes are efficient, accurate, and compliant with relevant regulations.

It’s important for businesses engaged in international trade to obtain and use an EORI number as required by the customs authorities of the countries involved.

The specific requirements and processes for obtaining one can vary by jurisdiction, so businesses should check with the relevant customs authorities for guidance.

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