[January 2024] Important Customs and Border Changes for UK Importers

Today (January 31st, 2024) HMRC has introduced some important customs and border changes that will affect UK importers.

999L – The End of The Import Licence Waiver Document Code for Goods Imports

From today, 31st January 2024, the document waiver code 999L has been withdrawn for all import declarations.

It is now mandatory to confirm the individual status for each control measure and the accompanying licence that could apply, on a per commodity code/item basis.

Until now, HMRC has allowed the use of a ‘universal waiver’ when an imported or exported product is not subject to any licence-based tariff controls, known as a 999L on the Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

This immediate change means that an import may require several different document codes per item to achieve the same effect as an 999L. To avoid any delays, it is important not to use the 999L code as the declaration will not be cleared.

The 999L change currently affects imports only. It is expected that the 999L waiver will still be available for export declarations until 31st January 2025.

If your business arranges its own declarations, you should review the new codes now to avoid any movement delays. When using a Customs Broker, such as PJ Shipping, we will be able to provide the relevant codes to apply to your goods imports.

Border Target Operating Model – Certification

Effective today, 31st January 2024, there will be additional controls introduced at UK borders to control the import of sanitary (human and animal health) and phytosanitary goods (plant health).

With 3 new risk categories (low, medium and high), the new introductions will help govern these imports and the assignment of risk categories will be made based on the country of origin of the imported product. This also means that some EU relaxations will be withdrawn.

Animals and Products of Animal Origin

If sanitary goods are deemed to be in the medium or high-risk category, they will require an export health certificate.

An import of products, animals, food, and feed system (IPAFFS) notification will be required at the country border to permit clearance.

Plants and Plant Products

All plants and plant products classed as medium or high risk will require a Phytosanitary Certificate (PC) and a notification to the IPAFFS system.

Scheduled for 30th April 2024, further documentation, physical, and identification checks will be introduced at designated border control posts and planned for 31st October 2024, safety and security declarations for EU imports will also be introduced.

Imports to the UK via an Irish Port

From 31st January 2024, several goods will require full customs controls when moving from Irish ports to Great Britain. Goods that are exported directly from an Irish port to the UK will be subject to the full UK import processes upon arrival.

If you have any queries on the new customs border changes introduced in January, import declarations, or to discuss your Customs Clearance requirements, please email the team, clearance@pjshipping.com.

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